Citrus Oils

*Orange *Lemon *Lime *Grapefruit *Tangerine

What do these all have in common??? Well they’re citrus of course. Also refreshing and delicious! And perfect for Summer!

The uplifting aroma of any and all of these citrus oils make them a perfect way to freshen the home and your senses. Diffuse one or a combination, as they all blend well together, allowing your home to smell fresh while cleaning the air. Your mind will also benefit from the stimulating and purifying fragrance, while boosting your immune system.

Nighttime Diffuse Blend

Favorite Nighttime Diffuser Blend

My favorite nighttime diffuser blend is Eucalyptus and Serenity. 

Eucalyptus because to be perfectly honest, I’m obsessed with the smell. 
The benefits are just a bonus! It helps with my allergies, relaxes me, and the scent I just find pleasant and soothing. 

Serenity because it smells like Heaven in a bottle! The hint of vanilla along with all the best relaxing oils. How can you go wrong?

Aroma of Summer Diffuser Blends

Summer scents essential oil blends

Aroma of summer with essential oil diffuser blends

Aroma of summer diffuser blends. Above you will find a variety of blends that will remind you of the pleasant smells of summer. Use a couple drops of any above blend, or mix your own combination. Enjoy the aroma of summer while freshening up your house, or office. Enjoy Citrus, Herbal, Fresh, Clean scents! Reminiscent of summer!

Anti Stress Aroma Therapy

5 essential oil diffuser blends for stress

Anti Stress Aroma Therapy Diffuser Blends

Anti stress aroma therapy blends. Feeling stressed, anxious, or just a little restless? Here are a few diffuser blends to help your mind destress. The power of aroma therapy is amazing! As a result, your mind and body will reap the benefits. Combine any of the above oils in your essential oil diffuser, or create your own combo.

Each essential oil has its own special qualities. Citrus oils like Orange, Lime, and Bergamot are uplifting and pleasant. Lavender and Patchouli are relaxing and calming. Ylang Ylang and Geranium help balance those emotions. And most noteworthy, Frankincense! How can we say enough about the king of all oils?

Happy diffusing! 🙂