How to Make an EO Roller Bottle

To make your own Essential Oil roller bottle here is what you need;

  1. Amber or Blue roller bottles (to keep light out)
  2. Fractionated Coconut Oil (high quality trusted brand)
  3. Small steel funnel
  4. Essential Oil of your choice
  5. Optional items; dropper and bottle opener

To make your own Essential Oil roller bottle start off with the Essential oil of your choice. One oil like lavender for example, or if you are making a blend you of course need all oils you would like in your blend.

When making a single oil essential oil roller bottle, I typically use about 20 drops in a 10ml bottle. You can use a funnel if you feel more comfortable dropping the oils in the roller bottle, or you can use a small dropper, I usually just drop them in directly, very carefully. If making a blend, I divide the essential oils up depending on how many total I am adding.

Then top off the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. For this I would highly recommend using the funnel, and be very careful not to overfill. I add it very small amounts checking the bottle often.

Last insert the ball into the top of the bottle, tipping the bottle carefully to allow the oils to mix. Cap off with the lid and you are finished. If you would like to add a roller bottle sticker to identify the content, you can use a small circle to place on the top of the lid. Or you can put any sticker on the bottle itself. Either a blank sticker that you can customize, or you can purchase preprinted stickers. #happyrolling

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