Lavender (lavandula angustifolia)


Lavender is likely the most versatile essential oils available. With its gentleness and countless purposes, it is a staple in the essential oil world. No household should be without it. When I think of a go to oil lander always comes to mind. Gentle enough to use on children, dogs, horses. Diluted it can be applied topically. The aroma is relaxing and soothing making it perfect for diffuse in the evenings or anytime of the day you would like to relax.

A drop of lavender in the bathtub is sure to enhance your bath time experience. Adding a drop to your lotion will benefit your skin as well as give it a pleasing smell to enjoy throughout your day. Applying lavender to the temples or back of neck when you’re feeling anxious or when you just need to unwind, can be very beneficial. It also soothes occasional skin irritations like itchy dry skin. Applying to a cut or even a mild burn gives quick relief and aids in speeding up the healing process.

Lavender essential oils of very high quality like Doterra and other trusted sources can be taken internally. A drop in your tea or added to your favorite baking recipe enhances the flavor.

Lavender can be mixed with many other essential oils to compliment and enhance the aromatic and healing experience of the mind and body.

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