Lemon Oil in Water

A little lemon in your water

We have all heard by now that drinking water with lemon in it is good for us. Well what about lemon oil? Nearly 3,000 lemons are needed to distill just over 2 pounds of lemon essential oil. This equals about 50 lemons per 15mL bottle. Imagine that! How many lemons would you have to consume in a day to equal just one or two drops of lemon essential oil. I find that just one drop in my water is so refreshing, it causes me to drink more water than I typically would in a day. Keep refilling the same glass and continue to enjoy the delicious flavor over and over, as well as the many benefits. Lemon essential oil naturally cleanses the body and aid in digestion. Adding a drop to your water in the morning will activate your metabolism, balance pH levels and reverse inflammation. It also can help increase energy level, and who doesn’t need that?! Two very important things to remember with lemon essential oil, first thing, as I have mentioned already, it is extremely important to use the highest quality, pure essential oils from a trusted source, especially when consuming them. Second thing is, with lemon and any other citrus oil, you must use glass or steel, absolutely NO plastic. This means no plastic water bottles, styrofoam, or even reusable plastic cups. The lemon essential oil and other citrus oils will cause the plastic to leach DEHP, a carcinogen, into the liquid. So remember, GLASS ONLY! Drink up and enjoy! 🙂

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