Sensitive Horses

Sensitive horses

Sensitive horses

Do you own a sensitive horse, one that reacts to seasonal changes? Well I do! She’s a chestnut mare, need I say more? Anna (my arab) reacts to every seasonal change, allergens in the air, flies, bugs, you name it. She often gets hives which are itchy and uncomfortable. I know this because I too have allergies. We are two peas in a pod.

Anytime I see raised bumps on her, I do not panic, as I know from experience this is a common thing with her. I immediately get out my essential oils. For hives I use lavender and peppermint diluted in fractionated coconut oil. I put it in my hand and rub it directly on her hives. This also helps with the itchiness making her more comfortable. Usually by the following day the hives are smaller. I continue this until they are completely gone, usually takes a couple days. Until the next outbreak then we do it again. She sure is a beauty, but with beauty comes pain. Happy trials. 🙂

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