Nighttime Diffuse Blend

Favorite Nighttime Diffuser Blend

My favorite nighttime diffuser blend is Eucalyptus and Serenity. 

Eucalyptus because to be perfectly honest, I’m obsessed with the smell. 
The benefits are just a bonus! It helps with my allergies, relaxes me, and the scent I just find pleasant and soothing. 

Serenity because it smells like Heaven in a bottle! The hint of vanilla along with all the best relaxing oils. How can you go wrong?


The Focus Blend for Kids!

Thinker, the Focus Blend for Kids! Doterra’s Thinker blend is a great tool for little ones that need that little bit of extra help with concentration. And lets be honest, who doesn’t right? Even as adults, we all can use a little help from time to time.

Doterra selected the perfect combo of essential oil to assist your child with attention and focus. Containing; Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine, and Rosemary, combined in a fractionated coconut oil base, diluted enough for a little ones sensitive skin.

  • Vetiver – Assists with attention
  • Peppermint – Helps with alertness
  • Clementine – Enhances the mood
  • Rosemary – Boosts concentration
  • Fractionated Coconut oil – Diluted for skin sensitivity

Use Doterra’s Thinker roller bottle before reading, homework, school projects, or any other time of the day your child can use a little help learning. Simply roll on the back of your Child’s neck.

Calming Oils

horses and children

Calming oils

Calming oils for spirited horses, when your littlest treasures are animal lovers. You want to be sure your spirited horse is calm. Doterra’s Serenity blend is the perfect recipe for both horse and child. Keeping that calm energy to promote a safe and positive experience. Serenity contains a perfect blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Vanilla Bean, and Hawaiian Sandalwood. My horses love this blend. Offer it on your hand and let the horse smell the oil as long as it wants. You will likely see an immediate calmness as the horse makes a noticable effort to breathe it in. I also apply topically in a roller bottle on my grandchildren. Keeping them calm is just as important. Fostering that special relationship between two things I love so dearly means the world to me. I am so grateful for my essential oils! #horsewhisperer

Read more about the benefits of lavender here —-> lavender

Preventing Horse Colic

doterra digestive essential oil blend

Preventing Horse Colic with essential oils

Preventing Horse Colic with essential oils. Yesterday my horse gave us a colic scare and we’ve been down this road before so wanted to avoid it at any cost! Thankfully we had Digestzen to the rescue! Immediately gave it to my very sensitive mare internally and rubbed it on her very bloated belly topically (diluted of course)! Had her up and moving around immediately. After releasing a lot of gas, within 30 minutes we had poop!  Anyone that has experienced colic knows how scary it is! I am so thankful for my doterra oils! Now the horses get a drop daily as a maintenance either on a cookie or in their feed. Read more… doterra-digestzen

PastTense Relaxation Blend

doterra PastTense Relaxation Blend

PastTense Relaxation Blend

PastTense by doterra Ingredients

  • Wintergreen Leaf
  • Lavender Flower
  • Peppermint Plant
  • Frankincense Resin
  • Cilantro Herb
  • Marjoram Leaf
  • Roman Chamomile Flower
  • Basil Leaf
  • Rosemary Leaf

PastTense relaxation blend by doterra is a favorite of mine. Doterra’s PastTense blend is one I use daily! Headaches, tension, anxiety, relaxation, you name it. This essential oil blend goes everywhere with me! I pull it out often while driving. It is great for nipping that tension headache coming on. Or helping relax you during a stressful time. The smell of it alone will calm you.

PastTense comes in a roller bottle making it convenient for application on the go. Applying PastTense topically will help calm your emotions and lessen anxious and stressful feelings.  If you do not have sensitive skin like I do, you also can enjoy the benefits of applying it topically to your neck, shoulders, or behind your ears. To avoid any adverse reactions from skin sensitivity, it is advised that you dilute with fractionated coconut oil before applying.

PastTense relaxation blend is one you do not want to be without! All of these amazing oils are perfectly combined to work together giving you the best chance at a stress free day. Stay calm and oil on! 😉

For more relaxation blends, click the below link for ideas on anti-stress aroma therapy.

IMMORTELLE *anti-aging blend*

Essential oils for beautiful skin

Searching for the fountain of youth…. look no further. Immortelle essential oil blend is a gem. Composed of some of the richest and rarest oils. Immortelle can decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While promoting a more radiant you, and helping your skin sustain that natural glow. Consistency is the key, just like with anything. Incorporate this blend into your daily skin care routine and wait for others to quickly notice!

Immortelle essential oil blend, created by Doterra, consists of

Frankincense Resin

Hawaiian Sandalwood

Lavender Flower

Myrrh Gum Resin

Helichrysum Flower

Rose Flower

Blended together perfectly in a roller bottle to offer convenient application. WOW, that list of oils just screams BEAUTIFUL SKIN!

Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil

Litsea Cubeba

Litsea Cubeba is an essential oil that is recently becoming more popula. Derived from the fruit of an evergreen tree or shrub belonging to the Lauraceae family. Native to East Asia. Litsea is a lemon-like essential oil with a wide range of aromatic uses. Similar in scent and properties to Melissa and Lemongrass, it has an uplifting aroma. Litsea promotes feelings of fresh energy.

Litsea Cubeba essential oil can be used aromatically to alleviate stress and anxiety. Diffuse during meditation or yoga to ground energy and emotions. Also know for fighting infection, both antibacterial and anti-fungal. This makes it great as a natural astringent as well. Mixing it in with your regular skin care routine, or adding a small amount to jojoba oil or another trusted carrier oil.

How to Make an EO Roller Bottle

To make your own Essential Oil roller bottle here is what you need;

  1. Amber or Blue roller bottles (to keep light out)
  2. Fractionated Coconut Oil (high quality trusted brand)
  3. Small steel funnel
  4. Essential Oil of your choice
  5. Optional items; dropper and bottle opener

To make your own Essential Oil roller bottle start off with the Essential oil of your choice. One oil like lavender for example, or if you are making a blend you of course need all oils you would like in your blend.

When making a single oil essential oil roller bottle, I typically use about 20 drops in a 10ml bottle. You can use a funnel if you feel more comfortable dropping the oils in the roller bottle, or you can use a small dropper, I usually just drop them in directly, very carefully. If making a blend, I divide the essential oils up depending on how many total I am adding.

Then top off the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. For this I would highly recommend using the funnel, and be very careful not to overfill. I add it very small amounts checking the bottle often.

Last insert the ball into the top of the bottle, tipping the bottle carefully to allow the oils to mix. Cap off with the lid and you are finished. If you would like to add a roller bottle sticker to identify the content, you can use a small circle to place on the top of the lid. Or you can put any sticker on the bottle itself. Either a blank sticker that you can customize, or you can purchase preprinted stickers. #happyrolling

Doterra Balance Grounding Blend

Grounding blend

If you are a girl you know all too well that our moods can be all over the place. Sometimes completely out of our own control even. Doterra’s grounding blend, “Balance” can be an emotional life saver. It Help your body relax by ground your emotions so your whole body can feel completely at ease. The warm, woody aroma of Doterra Balance Grounding Blend creates a sense of calm and well-being.

The grounding blend contains; Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, and Osmanthus Flower essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil, promoting tranquility and relaxation. Making Balance the perfect blend for Yoga and / or Meditation.

Doterra Balance Grounding Blend is also great to add to a massage. Balance is already created at the optimum dilution ratio and can be applied topically to the wrist or bottom of feet.

Doterra Balance Grounding Blend is also beneficial in aroma therapy. Putting a few drops in your favorite diffuser, or in your car to alleviate the stress of rush hour traffic. No girl should be without this oil!

Essential Oil Basics

Not all essential oils are created equal

The first thing to understand about essential oils is, not all essential oils are created equal! I can not stress that enough. When choosing an essential oil brand, purchase only from a trustworthy manufacturer to ensure you get the purest form of the product with no chemical additives. This is incredibly important, even if you are only planning on diffusing the oils, they still get into your system when breathing them in.

Personally, I use Doterra essential oils for my own use. I completely trust this company to have the purest oils, they are third party tested, and I have been using them for years with great results! There are of course other companies to choose from, for example; Young Living, Rocky Mountain oils, and Eden’s Garden are just a few others that I have also used. Be sure to do your research. Choose wisely.

Essential Oils are Highly Concentrated

The second thing to understand is how highly concentrated these oils are. Essential oils are the concentrated essence of the plant. Making essential oils can take hundreds, even thousands of pounds of plant material to make one pound of essential oil. Imagine trying to consume such large amounts of any plant or herb. So needless to say, a little essential oil goes a long way!  

The cost of a high quality oils is often a reflection of this. However, if you consider the potency of a $70 bottle of Frankincense for example. A 15ml bottle contains approx 300 drops and when diluted properly, that little bottle will last you a very long time. In the case of essential oils, less is more. This is a hard concept in our society, as we are bombarded with more is always better. However, it is very important to dilute many essential oils. Applying “neat” (or full strength) to your skin can potentially cause adverse reactions. In very large quantities some essential oils can even be toxic. Use sparingly.