Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essential oils for spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils. Essential oils are a great way to clean without chemicals! What better time to start than spring? Mix peppermint and lemon in a spray bottle with water for a refreshing cleaner to spray on countertops. Tea tree oil is great for mold, mildew, and killing those unwanted germs. Lemongrass helps get rid of unwanted smells. Put a drop in with your laundry detergent to freshen up a dingy load. Rosemary and eucalyptus also work as an air and surface sanitizer. Diffuse wild orange, or grapefruit to give your home that fresh scent of citrus. Happy spring!

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil made from the rinds (peel) of the grapefruit has amazing benefits.

  • Grapefruits energizing and invigorating aroma is a mood enhancer. Diffuse for an uplifting aroma therapy experience.
  • Incorporating grapefruit in your skin care enhances the appearance due to its cleansing and purifying properties. Also known to improve the appearance of cellulite!
  • Grapefruit oil promotes a healthy metabolism. Suppressing those sugar cravings, reducing feelings of hunger, and helping to balance blood sugar.

DIY grapefruit cellulite cream grapefruit-cellulite-cream